Learning to assess sustainability

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One of the central messages of ASPIS is that we all, as citizens, have responsibility for ensuring the sustainability of our cities. But how do we assess sustainability? ASPIS argues that awareness raising and education is the key for understanding sustainability and making its principles part of everyday life for all. We all need to learn, whether citizens or professional planners and architects, NGOs and policy makers, so that we can recognize the sustainable elements of public spaces, converse and cooperate with one another, make our voice heard and finally make the open spaces of our cities “our own”. Learning about sustainability is therefore the key to become more active and responsible citizens, professionals or policy-makers.
ASPIS developed methods and tools to help both the general public and the professionals (architects, planners or policy makers):

  • learn to assess sustainability of public spaces
  • increase their awareness of the importance of sustainable public spaces in the city, and
  • enhance their competence for dialogue and action in favour of sustainability.
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